Old Epsomian Biographies between 1855 and 1889
Lucas, William Freer (1870-1893).

Epsom College: 1883-1888

WILLIAM FREER LUCAS (1870-1893). M.R.C.S., L.R.C.P. (Eng.).

William Freer Lucas (1870-1893) [Epsom College 1883-1888. prefect. Rugby XV. Cricket XI. Brande G.C. and Wakley

Prizes] was the son of William Lucas, farmer, of Petworth, Sussex, and brother of Richard Clement Lucas, T.D. [Epsom

College 1888-1890]. He was awarded an Entrance Scholar to the Middlesex Hospital, where he won the Senior

Broderip Scholarship and the Lyell medal for surgery. William Freer Lucas was Resident Medical Officer at the

Middlesex Hospital when he died of diphtheria contracted from one of his patients at the early age of 23 years. “In

administering chloroform during tracheotomy, the child coughed up into his face. Lucas developed diphtheria four

days afterwards. The disease spread to his lungs and terminated fatally in ten days”. His parents endowed the Freer

Lucas Entrance Scholarship to the Middlesex Hospital in memory of him.
Lupton, Harry (1852-1918).

Epsom College: 1867-1869

HARRY LUPTON (1852-1918). M.R.C.S., L.R.C.P. (Eng.).

Harry Lupton (1852-1918) [Epsom College 1867-1869] was the son of Sackville Lupton, surgeon, of Thame,

Oxfordshire, and brother of Sackville Lupton [Epsom College 1864-1872]. He received his medical education at St

Bartholomew’s Hospital, and then went into general practice at Stratford-on- Avon. He was also appointed Senior

Surgeon at the Stratford-on-Avon Infirmary; Medical Officer and Public Vaccinator for the Alveston District and

Workhouse of the Stratford-on-Avon Union, and Surgeon to the Great Western Railway. He was the author of ‘Lays of

the Chase’ (Vinton, 1900).
MacCarthy, Alexander Bremner (1873-1930).

Epsom College: 1884-1892

ALEXANDER BREMNER MacCARTHY (1873-1930). M.B., Ch.B. (Edin.).

Alexander Bremner MacCarthy (1873-1930) [Epsom College 1884-1892] was the son of Dr D. A. MacCarthy, of

Bridport, Dorset. He received his medical education at Edinburgh University, and then went into general practice at

Bridport, where he also served as Honorary Medical Officer for Bridport Cottage Hospital. During the First World War

he served as a Lieutenant in the R.A.M.C., on the Somme (1917).

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