Old Epsomian Biographies

What is a good school? An important index is the success of its alumni. We are very proud of our Old Epsomians' achievements and we seek to display them on this website, when we know about them. We have started by listing the achievements of those included in the Register 1855-1954, published as a result of the Centenary in 1955, but we invite other contributions, either to supplement these biographies or to add new ones from more recent pupils (girls as well as boys, please).

Biographies fall into two groups: Medical and Non-Medical:

Epsom's contribution to medicine is explained in a general booklet by Dr. John Ford, then over 2,800 doctors' careers are described by an interested O.E., in an Introduction and date sections: 1855-1889, 1890-1914, 1915-1939, 1940-1962

Non-Medical biographies are being prepared, some by varous contributors and some by Alan Scadding, and will also be presented in date sections: 1885-1889, 1890-1914, 1915-1939, 1940-1962

Date sections and listings refer to the date on which a pupil entered Epsom College (available from the Register entry).