Epsom College Archive

The Archive was established in 1980 as a result of the 125th Anniversary of the College, which had shown us both that we did have a history and that there was plenty of interest. Its aims are:

The College Archive achieves these aims through maintaining and enlarging our collection of documents, photographs, film and other media, arranging talks and exhibitions and offering involvement by pupils, parents and O.Es.


All correspondence should go to: The Archivist, Epsom College, Epsom, Surrey KT17 4JQ



Visits are by appointment only. Usually Fridays are most convenient, when the Archive is staffed.


We have a search room with IT facilities including scanners. Sources span the period 1851 to the present for the Royal Medical Benevolent College, The Royal Medical Foundation, Epsom College and its constituent parts. They cover aspects of the medical profession, education, school life, school organisation, biography and genealogy. This website only shows a small taste of the richness of the available source material.